The easiest way to give your team a learning budget

Learnli is the easy way to give your team money to spend on books, courses and events. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and expense forms!

Eliminate expense forms

Learnli makes running an L&D program simple and paperwork free – just approve learning requests with one click. We even ship books to your office!

Maximise learning adoption

There’s no point having an L&D program if nobody uses it. By making it super easy for your team to use, we ensure your initiative is a success.

Build an amazing culture

Introduce knowledge by making books, courses and events accessible to all. Build a culture of curiosity and self-development and watch your team go further.

Let your team order from our library of thousands of books, courses and events

Each member of your team gets their own personal online library, filled with books, courses and learning opportunities selected for them.

And if somebody wants to buy an item not listed by us, they can always use the “buy anything” bar to request anything with a link – if you approve it, of course!

Approve orders with one click and relax while we take care of delivery

As soon as a team member places a learning request (such as a book, course or event attendance), it’ll appear in your dashboard.

It only takes one click to approve each request – just hit “approve”.

We take care of placing the order for you, freeing up your time for the important stuff.

Report and track everything to demonstrate your program’s success

Printable, shareable reports give you monthly insights into how your learning and development budget is being used.

You’ll see spend rates, budget utilisation and categorisation of approved expenses in just a few clicks.

Add your company’s custom branding (and take the credit!)

Be the star of your learning & development program and make it your own!

You’ll be able to customise everything – add your own logo and colour scheme to fit your company’s unique look and feel.

Save time by eliminating unnecessary paperwork, invoices and email chains

In the old days of creating a learning & development program, 50 books would mean 50 credit card receipts – as well as 50 expense forms and 50 awkward conversations with your financial director.

We’ve designed Learnli from the ground up to reduce the amount of paperwork required whilst fitting into your company’s invoice approval process.

Ready to launch an amazing learning & development program?